I Heart Sundays!

One of the very best things about Philadelphia is the Sunday brunch. There are so many great places to eat.  You must have a reservation or you can expect to wait an hour or more for a table.  I visited one of my top 5 favorites this morning with my husband and his grandmother.  Parc Restaurant is a French Brasserie just off of Rittenhouse Square, a beautiful little park in the city. It. Is. Fabulous!

In my “Sunday Funday” days, my friends and I could be found, sitting outside for hours, people watching, eating, drinking (mimosas) and chatting. The wait staff must have hated us.


But back to my point, Parc is awesome. From eggs, to salads, to pastries, to sandwiches, EVERYTHING tastes amazing.  I confess, my current favorite is their french toast with caramelized brandied apples, Chantilly cream and syrup. Every bite is heaven in your mouth.


Afterwards, my husband and I strolled the park, the actual park with a K.  Eventually found a bench and just sat and enjoyed how beautiful the day is.



20160828_123627What are some of your favorite ways to spend Sunday?


5 thoughts on “I Heart Sundays!

  1. Geoffrey says:

    I like to go to fair mount park. It’s nice to pack a lunch, bring a blanket, your significant other and your dog. Enjoy the weather while it lasts the next few weeks and go one Sunday.


  2. Barbara Elcock says:

    I’m from Barbados but your post brings memories of the many Sundays I have spent with my daughter and son-in-law having brunch in one of the renowned restaurants and afterwards a stroll though the park or just sitting for a while and enjoying the atmosphere. I ♥️Sundays in Philly!


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