Hiya! My name is Karen, 30-something year old in the city of Philadelphia.  I’m originally from a small island in the Caribbean, Barbados, and moved to the US for college at 21.  Two Bachelor degrees and a Master’s degree later, I entered the world of environmental consulting. I loved it! I got to be a part of what I believed was something to make a positive change in the world and get paid for it.  Somewhere along the line though, my industry changed and I just hit a wall.  I was no longer helping to clean the water, I was just doing paperwork. I am very good at what I do (did) but I need passion in my life.  Some of you may be able to relate to that feeling, that lightning bolt that hits you, mid-career, telling you it’s time for a change.  That lightning bolt takes many forms, for me I couldn’t ignore it, but more on that later.

That was 2015 for me, the year everything changed.

I decided, with the encouragement of my brand new husband, to take classes on things I found interesting and I fell in love with the world of marketing. I fell HARD.  Where else can you combine creativity, strategy, design and business? There is so much to learn, to do, to accomplish in this field. For the first time in years I felt real excitement. My fire was back!  So here I am. Blogging, building a portfolio, freelancing and always, always learning.





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